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Essential Oil of the Month: Tea Tree

While not a tea at all “Tea Tree” was first coined by Captain James Cook in 1732. He came across the Australian Aboriginals preparing an aromatic blend of leaves that they had gathered from the Melaleuca tree. Captain Cook was said to have brewed the concoction for his crew in order to prevent scurvy.

Hippie Product Updates...

We strive to make sure we are offering you only the best products, and with that we also need to make sure we are offering those products in the best packaging so we have a few product updates to share.

Geranium Essential Oil: Top 5 Uses

With its strong rosy floral scent, geranium essential oil is uplifting and powerful and proves to be useful in a variety of situations. Perhaps first used by the ancient Egyptians, geranium has stood the test of time and remained a popular aromatherapy ingredient.

Essential Oil of the Month: Bergamot

While they may share a name Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) and Wild Bergamot (aka Bee Balm) couldn't be more different. The fruit peel of the citrus bergamot is what is used to make up the popular essential oil.

Essential Oil of the Month: Cypress

Much like pine and cedar wood, cypress totes a woodsy, pine scent, reminiscent of walking through a forest. Cypress trees are native to the Mediterranean region and can live over 1000 years! The essential oil is distilled from the needles resulting in a thin yellow oil.

Raised Garden Beds: The Shou Sugi Ban Method

Our Sharon garden has been nothing short of challenging. The entire garden area and yard has started flooding nearly every time it rains. With our wet spring seasons that means we had flooded plants several times a year. That just doesn't work for our vegetable crop, so we decided to go the raised bed route. I fought the idea for many years, but I think our new beds are going to be a great way to grow our future crops.

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Top 5 Uses

The Virginia Cedarwood is a slow-growing evergreen, also known as Red Cedar. Originally used by native North Americans, Cedar is an important tree of North America whose fragrant wood is made into cabinets, fence posts, and even pencils.

Lime Essential Oil: Top 5 Uses

Citrus essential oils are always a bright and invigorating addition to any aromatherapy blend. Often taking a back seat to lemon, lime essential oil is a powerhouse that deserves attention!

Make Your Own Oat Milk from Scratch

I've been seeing oat milk everywhere lately but at $3.49 for a half gallon I decided to try out making it for myself, and I'm sure glad I did! It is simple and quick to make.

Adaptogens: What are they and how to use them

When we deal with stress, especially chronic stress, our body responds by asking our nervous system to work harder. This will eventually lead to the nervous system becoming worn out and ineffective. Symptoms of nervous system fatigue are lowered immune system, insomnia, and weakness.

Essential Oil of the Month: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing tree native to Australia but is also found in New Guinea and Indonesia. The essential oil is steam distilled from the wood and leaves and has a strong, herbaceous scent.

Never Stop Learning

So many nights this is our view, wondering what the heck we are going to watch to keep us entertained. Now I know we could easily spend this time at the gym, or reading a book, or doing some spiritual practice, but sometimes we like to relax together (the hippie hubby and I) and do something that involves very little effort after a long day. Television fits that bill nicely.
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