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We strive to make sure we are offering you only the best products, and with that we also need to make sure we are offering those products in the best packaging so we have a few product updates to share.


Essential Oil Serums and Chakra Balancing Oils
Since their creation, these roller bottles have come with a stainless-steel roller applicator. While we love the look and feel of the metal, these tops had a tendency to leak on occasion, especially when subjected to cold temperature during shipping. After testing several different top options, we decided to go with a glass roller. These glass balls do not allow as much oil to come through and don't shrink with the cold like the metal.

Along with the top change we also made a change to the Essential Oil Serum base. Our blends have been previously paired with fractionated coconut oil and avocado oil, however coconut oil has been increasingly difficult to find in it's pure form. Suppliers are starting to use the cheaper palm oil as an alternative. Here at The Hippie Homesteader we have a strict no palm oil policy due to the destruction and deforestation that palm farming is causing. We decided to replace the blended oil base with sweet almond oil. This oil is a great replacement, it is moisturizing and high in vitamins A, D, and E. Our chakra oils will remain fractionated coconut oil for now but may change if we continue to see shortages of pure coconut oil availability.


Botanical Lip Balms
We absolutely love the convenience of a lip balm tube but hate the fact that they are made of plastic. With our environmental impact always on our mind, we are increasingly trying to reduce our plastic packaging. After testing out a few different options and asking our Hippie fans for their input, we have decided on new metal tins for our lip balms. And the best part about changing packaging is you will be getting even more balm in each tin, almost double what the tubes held. Watch for these to be coming soon!


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