We have pumpkins! And more pumpkins, and even more pumpkins...

I decided to try a new variety of squash this year and the Jarrahdale Pumpkin seemed like the perfect one to test out. I like unique produce so with its slate blue color and its squished heirloom shape I was sold.


The Jarrahdale features sweet flesh, perfect for pumpkin pies and will keep for up to 12 months. What I didn't know is just how large these vines would grow! And because I was unaware of their vigorous expansion, I planted several patches! With leaves spanning two feet across and vines stretching twenty feet in all directions our gardens now feature a pumpkin patch moat with all our veggies well protected within. We have carefully been redirecting the sprawling vines to little avail, but the promise of a large crop of edible pumpkins is exciting and I will have more than enough to share, which is one of my favorite parts of gardening. I can't wait for these to mature. They will make great fall decor and eating. Be sure to check back for pumpkin recipes this fall!

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