Essential Oil of the Month: Rosemary

One of my favorite culinary herbs is the woodsy, pungent rosemary. Being more adapted to live in a Mediterranean climate, rosemary doesn't fare well in our Wisconsin winters. I have yet to successfully over winter any plants indoors, as they are not ones to enjoy the potted lifestyle. However, planting in the spring has given me plenty to harvest in the fall before they are overcome by the cold.


But where the magnificent rosemary really shines is as an essential oil. Rosemary is often called the herb of remembrance. It is known to stimulate mental activity, boost memory, and increase mental clarity and focus. That is why it is one of the main components in our MOTIVATE blend.

Another great use for the rosemary essential oil is during cold and flu season. The oil is known to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, a cough suppressant, and can relieve nasal congestion. All great reasons why you can as find rosemary on the BREATH blends.

With back to school upon us, the powerhouse rosemary should be on your shopping list of supplies. It's the perfect way to stay focused and healthy throughout the school season!

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