Essential Oil of the Month: Pine Needle

Just as you would imagine, pine essential oil carries the scent of the towering trees, making you feel like you are walking through a winter forest. Steam distilled from the needles, twigs, and even bark, the oil offers a multitude of uses and benefits.


Pine is invigorating, boosting your metabolism, energizing your mind, and increasing your focus. Much like the powerful rosemary with a similar scent, pine can increase memory and reduce mental fatigue. It is great at relieving stress and can give your mood a boost.

Pine, however, is probably best known for its cleaning powers. In fact, the all too familiar household cleaner, Pine-Sol, actually originated in 1929 based on pine oil, however it no longer contains any of the essential oil today. Pine can kill odors, purify the air, and reduce bacteria, fungi, and pathogens. It is also a great anti-inflammatory, muscle pain reliever, and cough remedy, making this one of the best oils to have on hand during cold and flu season!

Here at The Hippie Homesteader we feature pine essential oil in our BREATHE and MOTIVATE blends.
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