Autumn in the Garden

This time of year is always a little bitter sweet for me. Harvesting is still in full swing but the garden is slowly fading and dying back. My lush forest of plants are showing their fatigue and many will soon succumb to autumns first freeze. My pantry and freezer are full with much still left to process but I am always sad to see my friends go in the fall.

Year after year I continue to be amazed at how a few packets of dry seeds can turn into a such a brilliant display of life. I have so much to be grateful for in this season that extends to much more than the garden harvest alone. It goes without saying that this year has been challenging beyond expectations, but how we roll with the punches, learn to adapt, prepare, and eventually thrive are what defines us. I hope you all are having a great harvest this fall in your garden of life.

Much love,
Amanda Rose, The Hippie Homesteader

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  • Me and you think the same, why cant summer be 2 more months longer


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