Organic Root Chakra Tea (Muladhara)
Organic Root Chakra Tea (Muladhara)
Organic Root Chakra Tea (Muladhara)
Organic Root Chakra Tea (Muladhara)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Organic Root Chakra Tea (Muladhara)
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Organic Root Chakra Tea (Muladhara)

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Reaffirm your roots with the Root Chakra. The first chakra of the seven, the Root Chakra is the base through which we remain grounded and connected to the energy of the earth. This gentle blend helps to attune the Root Chakra with ashwagandha, dandelion root, and raspberry leaf, complimented with hibiscus and cloves.

Root Chakra Tea Benefits:

  • Muladhara — "security & stability”
  • An adaptogenic-rich blend
  • Infused with the essence of garnet
  • 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags / Box

If you regularly suffer anxiety, fear, or perhaps bad dreams while you sleep, or if you are dealing with issues of the bladder, colon, or low back and feet, you might want to focus some healing attention on your root chakra. Rather than seeking safety in the outside world, it might be wise at this time to explore your inner world, with meditations that help you connect to a higher power, or other entity you envision as God, Spirit, or simply Consciousness.

This earthy, subtle, and balanced blend, energized with the essence of the red-colored gemstone garnet, provides a mellow yet powerful sipping experience that assists those seeking a more grounded life experience.

Supporting herbs:

Raspberry Leaf - a star tea ingredient cultivated from the raspberry plant, it’s an obvious choice for this chakra’s tea.

Cloves - another red-tinted inclusion, are actually the aromatic bud of an evergreen tree native to Indonesia.

Hibiscus Flower - part of the “mallow family,” is also called rose mallow, indicating its frequent red hue.

Dandelion Root - another nutrient-rich plant, the dandelion is an important addition.

Ashwagandha Root - a known, powerful adaptogen.

Crystal Essence:

Garnet - You probably know that garnets are red, the color representing the root chakra. What you may not be aware of is this gemstone’s reputation as the “commitment stone,” which encourages one to trust love, practice honesty, and let go into the human need to intimately connect with another.

The Gemstone Essence Process
Extracting an “essence” of a stone may sound woo-woo to those unfamiliar with using such an inanimate object when intending mental, emotional, or physical healing. However, for thousands of years, people have indeed utilized gemstones and crystals for this exact purpose. Whether practitioners place the stones on the subject’s body while conducting a session, or a person wears jewelry containing a particular stone, or even carries one or more in a pocket, using stones and crystals to facilitate wellbeing is definitely not new, and most assuredly not as esoteric as you might think.

In crafting the Chakra Tea line, Buddha Teas production team places the desired gemstone or crystal inside the container of dried herbs, where its essence is actually infused in the blend. In this way, while enjoying the benefits of the herbal infusion, you also take in the healing properties of the accompanying stone.

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