Welcoming in a new decade...

We knew 2019 was going to be rough. The year of change we called it, as it seemed like it was time to make big decisions, face every challenge head on, and leave behind our comfortable past.


At the beginning of the year we decided to buy my husband’s childhood home. This is where our horses lived, it had plenty of land, and it was nestled in a tiny little town, far from the traffic and noise of the city. The house needed a significant amount of work but that gave us the opportunity to transform the property into a home the best suited us. It was a long endeavor with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but we are very happy in our new (to me at least) space, even though the projects never seem to end.

With our move, it meant leaving my beloved homestead. The Harding House as I affectionately call it was my oasis from the world. The cozy little space was my castle and the garden my retreat. I often said I wished I could lift the entire property and set it down in the place that more suited us. But sometimes in order to grow you must leave your comfortable place and forge a new path. The Harding House is now home to a wonderful couple who are raising an adorable daughter. I am very grateful for them and the care they show my property. I couldn't cut ties with the land completely, so we continue to garden the backyard where my herbs and flowers and fruit all are thriving.

As if remodeling a house, moving (myself and my Hippie operations), and becoming a landlord wasn't enough, we decided to take on an even bigger challenge! Our tiny community has been without a grocery store for well over 10 years. Even though we are surrounded by beautiful farmland and skilled producers, residents here have no access to fresh, wholesome groceries without traveling to outlying cities. It was one of those things everyone talks about, but no one throws their hat in the ring. Well we decided who better than us! We began our quest this past summer searching for a property to house our store and in November we closed on a beautiful, historic building in downtown Sharon, Wisconsin. Once again, we are in remodel phase as we bring back the historic charm of this 150-year-old building. We are planning on opening this Spring and will offer fresh, local produce, pasture raised meats, local dairy, fresh baked goods, and fair-trade coffee. And of course, your favorite Hippie products! Once we are up and running, we will also start offering classes and a gathering space to hold meetings and events. We couldn't be more excited to take on this new challenge and offer a much need resource to our community.

2019, while exciting and full of new experiences has been a challenge to say the least. The growing pains of pushing yourself to new limits and daring to fulfill your calling are real and scary. This year has probably been the most difficult year of my life. Pushing yourself forward even when you are scared may be brave, but it is also terrifying. While we are blessed beyond my expectations and I am grateful for every opportunity thrown our way, I would be lying if I said that this year was all roses and sunshine. Many tears have flowed over leaving behind who I was and stepping into who I am meant to be.

So, as the sun sets on this decade, I am ready to put to bed all of the doubt and fear of the last 10 years. 2020 will be the year of realization, the year of living up to the challenges we have laid out for ourselves. I hope that through our path we inspire others to join us to live their passion, help build their community, and face life's difficulties with bravery and determination. Here's to the best year yet, Happy New Year!

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