The Mystical Dragonfly

Along with my mantra "Don't pull that weed" I need to add "Don't kill that bug!" Many insects that roam my garden are considered to be beneficial. The elegant dragonfly is one such insect. They may look intimidating due to their size but these creatures help keep the mosquito population down and feast upon a variety of other insects. They do not sting or bite people or pets, so they are always a welcome guest in my garden space.

When tending your yard keep in mind that toxic pesticides don't differentiate between the beneficial bugs and "pests". Spraying to eliminate one bug creates an imbalance and leads to being overrun with unwelcome visitors or the elimination of important insects like bees and butterflies that are crucial to your garden's production. As humans we like to try to control everything but trying to control nature is a battle we will lose every time. Working to keep our "homesteads" in balance will make for an active yard buzzing with life.

One last note on the dragonfly - there are many myths and legends associated with this creature. Most of the symbolism talks about the dragonfly being a symbol of change and flexibility. These creatures have inhabited the earth for 300 million years, being flexible and adapting to change has undoubtedly preserved the species and allows them to still thrive today. With large swarms of dragonflies predicted this year we are reminded to be like the dragonfly and to not resist change but to remain flexible and find joy wherever life takes us.

Until next time...

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